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Jeanne's Painting Adventures

It's time for a change. New website, this one focusing on my mural work.

I LOVE painting big!!! Painting a mural allows me to integrate my whole body into the creative process! Climbing a ladder to reach that high point of sky or crouching down low to add detail to a rock or two: it all combines into the magical process of turning a flat wall into a three-dimensional visual treat.

I just finished a forest themed mural for a baby's room. Before that, I transformed an exterior garage wall into a space where bees and a butterfly lied among blossoms.["Bees, Blooms 'n Butterfly"]

If you are thinking that your plain one-color walls need a change, please email me with your ideas at jeanne <AT> (use the @ symbol)

I will reply as soon as possible with as many answers as I can, and will strive to complete your vision!

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